We offer a full fleet of cranes, maintained and kept in top condition, to handle any lifting job you have. Find the machine to accomplish your goal. 


Bring a Viant crane to your job with an experienced and safe operator who knows the equipment and can help you finish on time and on budget. We also offer a full range of lift planning and logistics services to make your lift complete and safe.


Moving a piece of heavy equipment from one spot to another? Loading or unloading from a truck or a train? We’re experts with our heavy rigging and moving services, using air skate pads inserted under heavy loads. Ask us about how this new technology can make the heaviest loads move easily and quickly.


On land. On the water. Big or small. Inside or outside. Viant Crane has the tools to handle whatever lifting job you need accomplished.

We’re a company that that supports our customers’ needs and that has become an integral part of their operations. Nothing pleases us more than to help a client–and then to help that client again. Repeat business and a solid reputation are hallmarks of what we do. We’re proud to have built one of the fastest-growing crane companies in the nation.

We love helping our customers succeed one lift at a time.