About Viant

We’re a different kind of crane company.

Clean. Professional. Ready to work–and ready for your biggest job.

We’re meticulous about our machines. We’re detailed and precise when it comes to planning and anticipating all of the elements of your project. We take nothing for granted, and it shows. As we like to say, there is no “uh-oh” in the crane business. It has to be right every time.

How do we ensure that high level of performance? For starters, we own our equipment and maintain it ourselves. Not every crane company can say that, but we make it part of our business plan. That’s how we know we’re always ready to work for you. We’ve invested in a new 20,000 square-foot service center in Superior, WI, so we can take care of our cranes and equipment, doing all of the work ourselves–and most of it indoors.

Viant Crane 2 12-10-2014lynxWe’re proud to say that our customers have responded. They have rewarded us with the most valuable compliment they can provide–their business.

From small beginnings as a crane division within a local construction company, we have become one of the fastest growing crane companies in the nation. Our cranes are constantly in action, fulfilling customers’ needs across the country, with our primary focus in the Midwest.

Our machines reach to the sky and sometimes make even experienced construction professionals stare in amazement. But we never forget that we’re in the business of customer service. That’s the kind of crane company we set out to create.

That’s the high expectation to which we aspire every day at Viant Crane.